India has been one of the highly volatile markets in terms of its investment habits. The investment pattern of the people here has evolved over the years. From being the least risk takers, Indians are evolving to be the potential risk-takers. Here, it is to be noted that the shift is rather gradual and slow.
The trending investment option of the people in India today is SIP.
SIP – Systematic Investment Plan is a scheme that helps you to invest in mutual funds (or in other investment instruments) in or to create wealth for the future. Here, you invest a certain amount weekly, monthly or quarterly instead of investing a lump sum in a year. It can be termed as a strategy that allows you to invest your money at a regular interval.

How does SIP work?

When you apply for a SIP scheme, the money automatically gets debited from your bank account at a stipulated interval. The money is then invested in the purchased mutual funds. Depending on the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the funds, you are allocated a certain number of units for the day. Every time you invest money, additional units get added to your folio depending on the Net Asset Value (NAV) Rate.

Why SIP?

Maximizing profits is the goal all want to achieve and SIP in a very simple, systematic and disciplined way helps you achieve this goal. With a plethora of benefits to offer to its investors, SIPs have proved to be one of the most preferred and trusted investment plans in India today.
Some of the major benefits of investing in SIPs can be stated as under:

  1. SIPs are a systematic and a disciplined form of saving for short-term, medium-term or long-term benefits.
  2. SIPs are flexible as the amount that needs to be invested can be modified as when required.
  3. They have proved to be highly beneficial for long-term gains.
  4. No expert knowledge is required on the investor’s end to invest in SIPs.
  5. SIP is the most convenient and hassle-free mode of investing.
  6. SIPs are best for investors with limited resources and for investors with moderate risk-taking capacity.

With so many benefits with moderate risk, it is beneficial to invest in SIPs. However, a detailed homework before investing is always a must. To help you through the most reliable SIPs so far, here is the list of the top 5 best performing SIP options.

  1. Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund (Growth)
  2. SBI BlueChip Fund-Regular (Growth)
  3. BNP Paribas Mid Cap Fund (Growth)
  4. Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund-Regular (Growth)
  5. Franklin India Prima Plus Fund (Growth)

Having your basics cleared, it is now time to enter the market.
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By Ria Vaghela (FYBMS student from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics)

MSc Finance graduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
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Ria V Vaghela is an M&A Executive at RSM UK and an MSc Finance graduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She has worked at Jefferies, Dial Partners and 7i Capital prior to RSM UK gaining an experience of about 1.5 years. She has also worked as an Editor and Content Writer for The Representative Media. Apart from finance, she is interested in reading books on psychology and economics and also likes to paint and play lawn tennis


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